Crawling towards the clear brook
— Nina Overkott
Crawling towards the clear brook is a visual exploration of possibilities of algorithmic botany. Built using P5.js, it was created in a time of personal and shared turmoil and exhaustion, while longing for realignment of organic rhythms and creative work.

The webpage is created as a potential garden - a plot of freshly ploughed land, in which snippets of code can be planted like seeds and left to develop and grow over the course of three months. Crawling towards the clear brook asks how natural rhythms influence the process of writing code. Like watching the slow growth of a sprout, we visualise the journey that occurs when instant processes of calculation are slowed and stretched for witnessing.

Nina Overkott is an artist and designer from Paris, France and based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Her work involves creative coding, graphic design, writing, and collaborative practices. She is currently finishing her diploma degree in graphic design at the Karlsruhe University for Arts and Design. She is also a co-founder of Radio Shbshb.